Carolyn Schmidt-Pietzner
Company Director
Life Transitions Companion
End of Life Doula
Funeral Celebrant

Carolyn Schmidt-Pietzner is a woman of deep passion and care when it comes to living out her dreams and purpose. She has had variety of occupations over the years all of which have required a level of connection with humanity. However it wasn’t until much later in life that Carolyn found that she developed a true love of the beauty industry specialising in waxology. She feels very deeply that simple beauty rituals and routines such as waxing, lash and brow tinting not only support people in the sacred acts of self-care but offers an opportunity for a joy- full connection to be made with her clients. Carolyn practices her craft with a very high level of integrity which is evident in the way that she lives her daily life. Her philosophy to her profession is about ensuring each and every client is felt met on all levels while being taken care of for all their beauty needs. Offering time and space for clients to feel relaxed and supported unlike many salons that show no true interest in the well-being of their clients only focusing on quick customer turn around.

But it didn’t stop there for Carolyn. She found that she has an innate ability to support others through the process of grief and so pursued her development in becoming a End of Life Doula and Funeral Celebrant. Being a funeral celebrant that understands that there is a loving process in the unfoldment of death allows her to offer a service that supports those that are deeply grieving by offering an understanding of life after death for both the departed and the ones left behind.