End of Life Doula


What is a End of Life Doula?

Goes back to ancient times where many cultures practiced the supporting of the dying at home, to be looked after by family, friends and the community. Unfortunately, with Western society, a trend has led to nursing homes, hospitalization which may isolate all concerned. End of Life Doula's are informed companions/consultants, with compassion, support, bringing comfort and assist a person and their family through their transition. We are a non-medical personnel, who support, provide options, resources and education to the dying (traveller) and the living who is left behind. Align to the wishes of the traveller, to preserve the quality of life, self-worth and well being up to and beyond the end of life as we know it today.

Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels

What does an End of Life Doula do and why would I hire one?

Being confronted with someone you love or care for in their End of Life Transition can be very challenging, confusing, overwhelming and fearful time for you. Being faced with this brings a myriad of things to plan and manage. Options to explore, decisions to make regarding to medical and life issues. We are always making plans for what ever event we have happening in our life , this is another to make.  A Doula can guide the traveller and their family and provide what to expect, act as a advocate for them with the medical staff, hospital, other care providers , funeral homes etc. As a doula, we can provide support, assist you in sifting through choices, looking at the pro's and con's, allowing you to make an informed decision.  Sharing options and resources that you may not of known about. Always provide a shoulder and ear that is loving, resourceful , understanding and non-judgemental of your unfolding path.  End of Life Doula can assist you in making your unfoldment and intimate, sacred, loving experience for all involved. Whether medical is required or not, at home, hospice or hospital. Home is where ever we create it.