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What & How To Write A Eulogy

Eulogies, and how to write a eulogy, can be deeply stressful for anyone dealing with a recent death, which is why samples of eulogies can be of great help.

In this section, you will find helpful information on the nature of the eulogy. You’ll learn how to write a eulogy, or how to release yourself from the pressure of producing and delivering one, leaving you able to mourn openly and freely.

What is a eulogy?

A eulogy traditionally is a song of praise. Over time, it’s come to be associated with a speech or commentary on the life of someone who has died. It is the centrepiece of most funerals, allowing us to unite in our memory of the deceased, and to find common ground in our mourning or grief.

Who writes and delivers the eulogy?

Anyone can prepare and deliver a eulogy. That said, there are few more stressful moments in life than having to speak in public about the death of a partner, close family member, or friend or colleague.  Using a funeral celebrant gives you choices Celebrants are trained to listen and sympathetically gather information. Because they commit to sharing time with family and friends, they can refine information into a eulogy that does justice to the life of your beloved.

Free yourself from stress

Many relatives and friends find it liberating not having to write and speak the eulogy. A celebrant gathering the details and weaving them into the broad picture of the departed life offers several advantages:

*Relief from stress at an emotionally painful time

* Freedom to reflect on your relationship with the deceased

* Opportunity to share personal stories without doubling up with other speakers

* Reprieve from the common fear of public speaking.

What happens if I cry when delivering the Eulogy?

Allow yourself to feel your natural emotions while you’re giving the speech and try to go on as best as you can. If you’re unable to finish then someone else can assist you through it if you have your eulogy written out.

If you would like to have eulogies written for you, contact your Funeral Director or Celebrant.



Heal, too much pain

Heal, afraid it will remain

How do I heal

It's easier not to feel

I wrote letters to you

But you did not reply

How could you, you are gone

I let out another sigh

You will always be with me

And that will never go away

I keep writing and express how I feel

As I continued to do so

I was able to heal

by Carolyn S-P

17 November 2018

Writing is a very powerful healing tool to express your thoughts and emotions. Sometimes we as human's find it difficult to express ourselves.Do it though writing. Ancient times placed pen to paper as a way to communicate.

Write to Heal